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Terms & Rules

Terms and Conditions

Reservations are made exclusively online through our official website.

We do not accept reservations through any another site or reservation channel.

We do not accept reservations by phone or email.

Once you have completed your booking through the campsite’s booking engine, you will be given a bank account to pay the deposit and a bank link to charge your card. You can choose any of the given methods to pay the deposit.

Your reservation is only valid after the deposit of 25% of the total amount or other amount agreed upon with the reservation department. The deposit should be evidenced by sending the bank deposit receipt via  e-mail. If you choose to prepay by deposit to our bank account, you have 30 minutes, from the moment you completed your reservation, to complete the deposit and send us the receipt by email. Otherwise, the campsite can cancel the reservation.

During the bank transactions you will be charged with all expenses of the Bank.

The property reserves the right to reject your reservation, up to 24 hours after making it. In this case, the deposit will be automatically returned to you.

Please familiarize yourselves with the campsite’s Rules of Operation. The company reserves the right to discontinue your stay in case you violate the terms of the Rules of Operation.


Entering and staying at Camping automatically means the acceptance of the following terms:

1. Upon arrival at Camping, the client must show his passport or ID, which remains in Reception until the bill is paid. At the same time he receives an entrance control card, which he is obliged to show to the receptionist every time he enters the Camping area.

2. It is forbidden to park cars or place other objects in any empty place.

3. 220V electric voltage is provided in all places/caravans/mobile homes and rooms. Take care of the sockets and keep children away from them.

4. The care of personal items and equipment is responsibility of the campers. The management bears no responsibility unless it takes care of them.

5. During their departure, the campers must remove their personal belongings and all their equipment from the Camping premises. Any negligence to do so, does not bring any responsibility to Camping’s management and staff for their care.

6. You have the obligation to replace any damages you caused during your stay, as well as to inform the customer reception about them.

7. Visitors can enter the Camping on foot, with the approval of the Managment, at the full responsibility of the visiting customers and are charged with a daily fee.

8. Only customer cars are allowed in the campsite, which should move slowly at pedestrian speed.

9. The hours of common silence (14.00-18.00 and 23.00-08.00) are mandatory for everyone. The main gate is closed for wheeled vehicles from midnight to 07.00

10. TVs, radios and other musical instruments are allowed provided they operate at low volume.

11. The caravans and tents do not have chemical toilets. Use the common toilets/bathrooms. They are always clean and at your disposal.

12. The parents should take care of their children in the subjects of obedience in the regulations of Camping and not to disturb the campers. The children can move themselves in Camping with absolute responsibility of their parents.

13. Sports are allowed only at specific times (08.00-14.00 and 18.00-22.00) and the movement in Camping, with bicycles by children, is allowed with the absolute criminal and civil liability of their parents.

14. Washing utensils and clothes is only allowed in designated areas.

15. Keep the caravan/room/mobile home clean and tidy. You have to respect the space that hosts you.

16. When you leave the campsite, you must return the items you received from the reception during your entrance.

17. On departure, you must empty the caravan/room/mobile home/place by 11:00a.m. Otherwise you are charged with daily fee. Check in can take place after 15.00 to 23.00 o’clock

18. It is prohibited to:

  • Wash cars and vehicles in the Camping area.
  • Smoke indoors in caravans/rooms/mobile homes.
  • The destruction of the facilities Enter dogs and animals.
  • Intervene with common facilities and electrical/irrigation/sewerage network. Move Camping property items.
  • Light fire in the camping area and on the beach.
  • Pollute the area in any way. Weapons and ammunition are not allowed.


In case of cancellation of the reservation, by the customer, in more than 90 days before the agreed arrival date, the camping is obligated to refund the deposit.

If the cancellation occurs in less than 90 days before the agreed arrival date, the deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation is made to the entire reservation and not to a part of it.

During your bank transactions, any bank charges are borne entirely by you.

The property reserves the right to reject your reservation, up to 24 hours after making it. In this case, the deposit will be automatically returned to you.